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Currency Exchange Services Australia (CESA), established in 2002, is the official appointed agent for Fastcash Money Transfers to Sri Lanka in Australia. The company is a part of the Fern Corporation Pty Ltd, a Melbourne based business group that works closely with the Sri Lankan community in Australia through a diverse range of products and services including Fastcash remittances and the ‘Lanka Times’ newspaper, one of the most popular community monthlies in Australia.

Today CESA and Fastcash Remittances have become widely popular among the Sri Lankan community in Australia and is arguably the leading money transfer service to Sri Lanka from the Australian continent.

Fastcash Money Transfers is an award winning remittance service to Sri Lanka, launched in 1999 and which has become a household name among Sri Lankan communities in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Australia. The service is owned by the Currency Exchange Corporation, a specialist Financial Services provider based in the UK and which is part of the Mike Cooke Group of Companies.

Currency Exchange Services Australia-Fastcash is incorporated in Australia with ABN 17 319 683 055. The Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ) and the Commonwealth Bank are the official bankers to CESA.